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You have no storage mounted
Azure Cloud Shell requires an Azure file share to persist files.
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This will create a new storage account for you and this will incur a small monthly cost.
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Azure Cloud Shell will register your subscription with Microsoft.CloudShell resource provider.
Azure Storage is not supported on this subscription. Please select a different subscription.

Welcome to Azure Cloud Shell
Select Bash or PowerShell. You can change shells any time via the environment selector in the Cloud Shell toolbar. The most recently used environment will be the default for your next session.
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You need an Azure subscription to use Azure cloud Shell.
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Restart Cloud Shell
Restarting Cloud Shell will terminate your current session and create a new one for you.
Any running processes will be terminated.
Reset User Settings
Resetting user settings will terminate your current session and unmount your linked storage account.
When reconnecting to Cloud Shell you will be prompted to attach a storage account.
Open New Cloud Shell
You are about to open a new Cloud Shell session, any state you have in your existing Cloud Shell session will be lost.
Any output and running processes will be cleared.